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Meet our newest addition and future home... Columbine Ct.

Columbine is our newest passion project... anyone can build something new, but taking something old and bringing it back to life... that is our passion.

5 Columbine Ct. has been on the market twice in the last ten years. Each time it has been on the market it has sat for a very long time. The first time I saw it, it had barely been touched since the 70's. However, there was so much potential. I am always drawn to the quirky houses, especially the ones no one wants.

However, initially we didn't want this one either.

You see this house had several strikes against it. It is a huge house, almost too big. The rooms were endless, but purpose was lacking. And the biggest strike... NO storage. I can't live without storage and this was the number 1 reason I walked away uninterested. There were many other issues with the house but NO storage was a deal breaker for me.

Then my husband and I circled back and after recreating the floor plan we began to see opportunities.

Note: If you are looking at an investment property and you cannot see past it's short comings. I highly suggest hiring someone to put the house plan on paper. Once, the house is viewable on computer you can see so many possibilities.

Here are the cons and the list of things we had to be able to fix in order to get me on board.

1. Storage. The ceilings were so high, there was little attic space. The garage was not a garage, it is a carport. (which I love, but we have a lot of stuff)

2. Open Floor Plan: It had tons of square footage but it was choppy and confusing. It didn't live like a modern floor plan.

3. No View: It is on the golf course, but did not have a view to the back yard.

4. No Entertaining Space: HELLO... golf course view and no porch = Must Have

The list of additions and improvements once completed:

1. A new attic, breezeway and garage with STORAGE

2. A chef's kitchen with island, open to living room and breakfast room.

2a. Open dining room that can seat 10 with STORAGE and wet bar.

3. Kids playroom with STORAGE.

4. Mudroom

5. "Dirty" Kitchen, Laundry, Office and Pantry

6. Huge Windows Overlooking Golf Course

7. (2) French Doors to Large Covered Porch

Follow us on Instagram @leighluskinteriors to watch how we reconfigure the space!


First room to tackle... a giant sunroom. This picture does not capture it's size. It is truly twice this size. I am a southern girl, I love a sunroom. However, this house already had two eating area and two living rooms... so what would this space be. A bowling alley... that is what it felt like.

Below is the dining room and right on the other side was the breakfast room, that also felt like a dining room.

Giant formal living room... very formal hence giant trim and fireplace.

Galley kitchen... with super cool fireplace. However, I immediately knew this room should be something else entirely. What would you change it to?

The Den... easily my favorite from the beginning. I see many movie nights in this room. This is the back of the house. Windows to the outside were partially obscured by bushes. We are totally opening this up to the backyard.

See here it is... one of two bathrooms from the 70's? I bet this house was super cool back then!

My 2nd favorite space... the master bedroom. Fireplace in bedroom. Check!

Master Bath... big but in need of better use of space!

There is more but these are the areas that will see the biggest transformation.

This is where the fun begins... to watch us fix this house follow us on Instagram @leighluskinteriors!

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